Q & A

If you experience a water leak while using your cup, check for the following:

(1) The lid and the cup are not fully closed.
Please put the lid on again and hear a click, which means it is tightly closed.

(2) The straw cap does not completely cover the straw opening.
Please press the straw cap down on the straw opening again. When you hear a click, it is tight.

(3) Hot or warm drinks
Hot coffee or hot beverages can cause internal pressure to increase and produce moisture to escape from the vent. It is recommended to avoid shaking the cup vigorously when drinking warm beverages, please closed lids or straw cap to avoid the risk of scalding if the product spills.

(4) Water seepage through the vent hole of the groove
The design of the inlet and outlet holes must exist when drinking, otherwise the vacuum state will make it difficult to drink. Therefore, when the cup is shaken, it is normal for a little drink to seep out from the vent hole.

CHICUP, ingredient cup, and cup lid can withstand temperatures from -10°C to 110°C. There is no problem to put hot coffee, hot drinks, and iced drinks with ice cubes into it. But it is not recommended to put CHICUP directly into the microwave or freezer, as it may cause the cup to deform.

Currently CHICUP doesn’t has the effect of heat and cold retention.

CHICUP has been tested by SGS to be resistant to acid and alkali, so it is no problem to fill acidic juice.

CHICUP has fine inner layer. It is recommended to use a soft sponge or a neutral detergent for cleaning; and avoid using scouring pads and other materials that will scratch the inner layer. In addition, it is not recommended to soak in dishwashing for a long time, and try to avoid using detergents with high PH (including citric acid, sodium percarbonate, etc.) or cleaning products containing alcohol, which may affect fine inside of CHICUP.

CHICUP has fine inside, but if you fill a drink with a particularly strong taste for a long time, the smell may persist on the cup. It is recommended that you rinse thoroughly with a soft sponge or dishwashing and dry completely as soon as possible after you use it every time.

Because it is a brand-new product that has not been used, the lid will be tight. Please try the following method for the first few times: hold the cup body with one hand, and put your thumb of the other hand on the opening place of lid edge to open upwards the lid. (A demo video can be linked)

After our testing, the lid, the ingredient cup and the cup can all be cleaned in dishwasher.