Product Features

Straw Free

Without a straw to drink tea or coffee. Put toppings into CHICUP ingredient cup and easily drink without using a straw.


Health and Safety

The patented straw cap can completely cover the straw hole, preventing viruses and bacteria from entering the drink through the straw hole when not drinking.

Patented ingredient cup

Patented design, double-layer structure and the upper opening position of the ingredient cup can properly adjust the ratio of beverage and ingredients.


The weight of the whole cup is 95g, diameter is 9.9cm, which is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to take.

Easy and quick to clean

CHICUP has 3 components, with minimalist design, no silicone gasket, smooth inside, and easy to clean.

Safety certificate

SGS certificates prove CHICUP do not contain plasticizers, heavy metals, and can withstand heat up to 110 degrees.

Friendly Environment

CHICUP is made of PP plastic material which can be reused and recycled.

Eco friendly packaging

All packaging of CHICUP is reusable and recyclable, and does not bring any waste to consumers.

Description of CHICUP